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Wardle Storeys manufacture products for interior trim components from floor to headliner which are produced to meet specific component production requirements such as cut & sew, vacuum forming / covering, R&S Rim, compression moulding, HF welding. Some products are supplied with micro-perforations which are necessary on most compression moulding processes. Materials can also be combined with PU foam laminated with either flame or hot melt adhesive for seating & insert applications.

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Our products are well established brand names

Products are manufactured for a range of interior trim components, including instrument panels, door casings, seating, gear lever and steering column gaiters, headliners, load space covers and other components.

Material structures are designed to meet the production process requirements of this diverse range of components. These processes include cut and sew, vacuum forming and covering, R & S Rim, compression moulding and HF welding. Materials may be laminated to various foams or microperforated.

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Hi-Loft is produced under our Ambla trade name and was developed as part of a cost reduction exercise on certain seating projects where we replaced the need to use post laminated PU foams up to 3mm, eliminating additional processing as well as cost / product complexity.

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ASF – Anti-Squeak Finish
Comfort is a major focus of attention by automotive manufacturers, who over recent years have directed their attention to the reduction / elimination of squeaks, creaks and rattles within their vehicles.

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