REACH Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals.

Wardle Storeys (Earby) Limited is classed under REACH as a downstream user of chemicals

All our current suppliers understand and intend to pre-register their chemicals.

This pre-registration will apply to all “the phase-in “ substances that are those identified by an EINECS or EILINCs and NLP (No Longer Polymer) numbers.

The registration phase not only requires the compiling of all data and information about the physico-chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological properties of substances, but also human (workplace and consumers) and environmental exposure data for the uses recognised and identified for those substances.

In order to meet the criteria of REACH, our suppliers need to provide a list of all customer applications for our vinyl and the resulting exposure scenarios.

We will therefore need to consult you and ask for your co-operation in terms of information gathering, through the sharing of experimental data, and for the definition of the relevant exposure scenarios.

Final Registration risks

It is acknowledged that all chemicals though pre-registered may not be considered viable through economic reasons or hazard properties (human health or environment).

Substances of high concern

These are chemicals that:
  • Cause cancer, or mutation or interfere with the body’s reproductive function (CMRs)
  • Take a long time to breakdown, accumulate in the body and are toxic (PBT)
  • Take a long time to break down and accumulate in the body (vPBTs)
  • Have serious and irreversible effects on humans and the environment, e.g: disturb the human hormone system
The Commission says that 1500 substances may fall into these categories
Authority to use these chemicals could be withdrawn at anytime in the light of new research

At Wardle Storeys we are already aware of some chemicals that may be reclassified as CMRs under REACH and are awaiting substitute products to test. We will inform in good time on these developments so to ensure a continuity of supply.

Download our latest Reach Statement (updated 11/07/2013).

REACH Contact:
Iain Boulter
Tel No.: +44 (0)1282 443498

Quality Standards

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